Welcome to the Brent Harris Elliott Wave futures market advisory service. Developed over the past 31 years of full-time research AND trading, Brent's Elliott Wave oriented approach is the new generation of future's market analysis, duplicated by NO ONE!

Whether you are a producer looking for help in marketing your crops, OR a speculator attempting to profit from the MANY swings that occur in futures, Brent's detailed forecasts are an invaluable asset.

Brent offers a unique daily service complete with detailed analysis, trade recommendations, objectives and protective stops. This service also includes an informative 8-page Quarterly Report.

For beginning or seasoned commodity traders, Brent also offers a full-service brokerage. Brent is registered as an Associated Person of Southwest Futures, INC.
There is a substantial risk of loss trading futures and options. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
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